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The Best and Easiest Way to Clean Your Microwave

In many people homes, the microwave is often one of the most utilized appliances in the kitchen. Whether it is making popcorn or warming ups soup, the microwave is the gateway to quick and easy food for all. With all of that use it also becomes the appliance that gets dirty most often, and depending on the type of microwave you have, cleaning can sometimes become a hassle. So to help you rid your kitchen of those spills and burn stains, here is a quick and easy way to get your microwave spotless!

First, start by steaming the inside of your microwave. Fill up a bowl with 1-2 cups of water and set your microwave to 3-5 minutes. This will soften up all of those stains and grit on the inside of your microwave. To help rid your microwave of odors, squeeze a fresh lemon or lime into the water, this will add a nice clean scent to the steam. (Be careful when you take it out because it is going to be hot).

Next, put some rubbing alcohol or vinegar on a towel, using it as a cleaning solution to remove the stains from the microwave.

Finally, if you have a microwave with a turntable, remove it and throw it in the dishwasher. Then clean all the groves and rubber on the seals with a paper towel, using vinegar or alcohol if needed. Wipe everything down and dry it with a paper towel and your microwave will be spotless and smell amazing!

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