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Arizona Releases New Realtor Safety Program

In light of the recent incident with Arizona realtor Sidney Cranston, who disappeared after showing a home, the Arizona Association of Realtors unveiled a new safety system that allows real estate agents the ability to send and receive and post alerts and incident reports.

Cranston, who disappeared June 16, was supposed to show a 10-acre estate in Kingsman, Ariz., didn’t tell anyone who he was showing the home to.

“He went to show one of his own properties and unfortunately didn’t inform anyone about the potential buyers he went to meet,” said AAR CEO Michelle Lind in a statement.

While work-related incidents of crime against real estate agents are rare, they are not unheard of, including the 2014 murder of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter who was murdered because “she was just a woman who worked alone – a rich broker.”

To deal with targeted crime against agents the Arizona Association of Realtors created the Agent Safety Alert Program, ASAP.

In the press release posted on their website the Arizona Association of Realtors says, “An increased focus on security started earlier this year with a series of REALTOR® safety videos featuring AAR First Vice President and Safety Workgroup Chair Paula Monthofer. ASAP was setup as yet another way for AAR to better protect its members from harm.”

Click here to read the release and get more info on the program.

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