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Amazon Expands Home Services Business into Phoenix Metro Valley

Finding the right experts to complete home improvements just got a lot easier for valley residents as Amazon expands its ‘Home Services,’ business into Phoenix.

Launched in March and previously only available in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and New York City, mega-corporation Amazon is expanding their services business into the Phoenix Metro Valley along with 11 other major cities in the US.

With over 15 million packages across 900 services, Amazon Home Services offers consumers custom and pre-packaged upgrades for their homes and connects them to qualified professionals at a reasonable price.

Amazon claims that shoppers can purchase a service in 60 seconds and can choose between pre-packaged options, or customize their services by using text and photos to illustrate what needs to be done.

One of Amazon’s primary hopes for ‘Home Services’ is to remove the overcharging and haggling that accompanies service work by running all transactions themselves.

Only accepting three out of every 100 professionals that apply, Amazon ensures that the businesses and technicians doing the work are qualified, licensed, insured and can pass a five-point background check.

Services include everything from electrical, plumbing and appliance maintenance, to hiring goat grazers to remove unwanted vegetation. Really though, you can actually hire goat grazers.

Services are now available and can be found at www.amazon.com/services.

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